End-to-end Ultrasound Software Development 

Streamlining algorithm development by simplifying access to data, algorithms, validation tools, and essential legal documentation

How does RREACT work? 

RREACT IMAGING let's users run one click pipelines to design, building, and validate algorithms that support decision making. This is done via a simple web platform or our locally run CanvasUI.  

Why use RREACT?

Most data isn't tailored for artificial intelligence, it often lacks structure, clear documentation, and purpose. Algorithms lack transparency, and evaluation tools demand expert knowledge. And all these elements must be integrated within new legal frameworks and regulations. RREACT is a one click solution for all your development needs and tailored to your tasks.

Who uses RREACT platform?

Anyone wanting to focus on the mission. By simplifying your data sourcing efforts, providing responsibly sourced, high-quality data, delivered in Machine learning ready format you can deploy new algorithms faster and more effiecient. No requirement for expensive hardware and hard to get expertise.  

Improve your Algorithm Development in 4 Simple Steps

Create and Access Data

Select Algorithm Parameter

Visualize Results

Use and Share New Tool

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